Friday, April 5, 2013

What is the best (and free) Linux Operating System to download?

Q. What is the best (and free) Linux Operating System to download and what are the minimum requirements to run it? I have an old emachine that someone gave me about 2 years ago and I am taking Computer Science in college and I would like to gain some experience with it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A. Linux isn't an Operating System. Also, there is no best. You use what works for you. As for free, most, if not all GNU/Linux distrobutions are free with the optiuon to donate. They are sold in varies places, but they are gratis online. I'd recommend starting with Ubuntu minimal if you want to learn a few things as a beginner.

Has Microsoft announced the date that they'll offer free upgrades to the new operating system yet?
Q. I want to buy a Dell for school, but I am waiting to get one so I can get the free operating system upgrade. Also, anyone know when it (whatever they're calling the new system) will come out?

A. If you're talking about the system that will come after Vista, it's called "Windows 7". Microsoft announced that it will be coming out sometime between September and November of this year! (2009)

Where can i get a good free operating system for my 2005 compaq computer?
Q. Its a windows xp and I want to know where I can get a free operating system compatible with a winzdows xp 2005 compaq because I just used Dban (Derik's boot and nuke) to wipe my computers memory where can I find the operating system I need

A. The computer isn't a Windows XP, it's a Compaq. You can get a free operating system at If you want Windows XP for free, find someone who has upgraded to Windows Vista or 7, and ask for their old Windows CD. You'll need a registration key, your computer probably has one on a sticker.

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